Next let’s talk about uploading content into your account. Navigate to the Media section.

Media Tutorial Video (2min)


The first thing you want to do is create a new folder to keep your content organised.
Clicking on the three dots next to your folder, will allow you to Rename, Create a Sub Folder, Delete, plus edit Tags and Permissions if you’re an Advanced licence holder.

Adding Content

When you’re ready, make sure you have the folder selected and click Add Content. You have two options for uploading, click Browse Files to find them, or simply drag and drop the files you would like to upload here. The files will process, and be uploaded to the folder you selected.

Recommended Media Settings

  • It is recommended that your content be the same aspect ratio or resolution to the screen that you will be displaying it on. A typical aspect ratio is 16:9 and content should be exported at a recommended resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

  • Content should be suited to the orientation of the screen (e.g. landscape vs portrait).

  • It is recommended that video files have a bit rate of 6-8Mbps, exported as a mp4 (using the h.264 or h.265 codec). The codec profile is also important, as a rule, using h.264 at the baseline profile is the best method to export video files that work on all devices (Main or High profile may also work and generally do, but some devices may have issues with them). These files should also be 1920x1080 in resolution and have square (1:1) pixels.

Maximum File Size: There is a maximum file size of 1GB per upload. If your files are too large, we recommend compressing them using a program such as Handbrake

Adding a Website

Another option, is to add a website. Just copy and paste the URL, and press Add. Make sure the website doesn’t require any log in credentials or it may not work. You can test the website link in a private browsing window on your computer browser to see.

Other Options

In the top right of the Media library, you have options to change the View Mode, Move and Delete items. Note you must have content selected for Move and Delete to work.
Clicking on the pencil icon next to a piece of content will allow you to rename it. There is also the option to download the content and change the content (for templates and websites). You can see a preview of the content by hovering your mouse over the icon.

Keep in mind: Content deleted from your Media Library will also be deleted from any playlists it was assigned to.

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