Playlists Tutorial Video (2min)

Adding a Playlist

From the Playlist tab in the left side menu, click Add Playlist in the top right corner.

Give your Playlist an identifiable name and press submit. You can change the playlist name at any time by clicking the pencil icon to edit.

Adding Content to Playlist

To add content, click the Add Content button in the top right menu. This will bring up the Media Library pop-up and allow you to select the content you would like to include. You can also add new content into your Media Library by clicking Browse Files or dragging content into the upload box. From here you can also search, navigate to a specific folder, or change the sort order. Adding content is as simple as clicking on the piece of content and they are automatically added. If you would like to add duplicate copies of one item, click it again. Once you've added all your content, click the X to close that pop-up window.

You can then drag your content to arrange them in the preferred order, change the duration of any images, website or templates, duplicate the content, and delete.

Nested Playlists (Add a Playlist within a Playlist)

You can even add a playlist within a playlist - this will allow you to have a main playlist assigned to multiple playlists, which you can easily update once.

Hide Content

For Advanced Licence holders, you can show and hide content under the Actions column - for when you don't want to completely delete a piece of content from your playlist. For these users we also have content level scheduling; allowing you to control individual pieces of content and set the times you want it to play. This functionality can even be applied to playlists that you have added in.

Publish Playlist

When ready, click Publish to send your playlist to your screen(s). In this pop-up you can select the screens you'd like to assign this playlist to, as well as Screen Groups if you are an Advanced Licence holder.

Other Options

Back in the Playlists Tab, you can see important information about your playlists. Including the last time it was updated, the number of slides or content pieces, the overall duration, and if it’s been assigned to any screens. From here you can also search your playlists, duplicate and delete.

If you have an Advanced licence, you will also have access to Permissions and Tags. Select one or more playlists, and click Permissions. A pop-up will appear where you can assign user permissions. For more detail see the permissions and tags section.

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