If you have an Advanced licence, you will have access to our Schedules tab.

Schedules Tutorial Video (2min)


Schedules are an accumulation of playlists that have been allocated to play at certain times of the day, week or month.

​You can see important information about your schedules. Including the number of events, the number of screens that have been assigned to it, and when it was created. You can also search, duplicate and delete schedules from here.

Adding a Schedule

Click on Add Schedule in the top right. Give your schedule an identifiable name, and you’ll be presented with a calendar view.

To create a new event, click and drag over the area you would like to insert a playlist. You can toggle between weeks by clicking ‘Previous Week’ or ‘Next Week’ at the top left and right, to see your schedule.

Once you have selected an area, a menu will pop up where you can assign more details to your new schedule. Select a previously created playlist, give the schedule a name, select the days you want this to play on, and select a start and end date. If you want it to continue forever, just click this box. When you’re ready, click Add Schedule. If you would like to extend the schedule, you can click and drag on the top or bottom. If you would like to edit more information about the schedule, click on the edit button in the top left corner. If you would like to delete the schedule, click on the red X and then click OK.

Note: You must have a Playlist created in order to add it to a Schedule.

Set a Default Playlist

Once a scheduled event has ended your screen will continue to play the last playlist in the schedule, until another event happens. You can set a default playlist at the top which will be the content that plays when any event isn’t scheduled. When a default playlist is set, the background will turn grey. To remove or change a default playlist, click the button again.

Publishing a Schedule

Once you’re ready, click publish to save the schedule. Please note if this schedule is currently assigned to a screen or screens, and you have a live internet connection, it will instantly push the content to those screens. From this menu you can add additional screens or screen groups (if you have an advanced licence) to this schedule for simple content updating.

Note: Only one Playlist can play on the screen at one time. Fusion Signage does not currently support overlapping Playlists

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