Settings Tutorial Video (1min)


In Settings, you can change your password, add in multifactor authentication, view your account details, manage users (if you have management access), and download the Fusion Player App.

If you are an advanced user you will see Permissions Groups and Tags.

Permission Groups

If you have an Advanced licence, you can set up additional user permission and tags to control what certain users can see.

Clicking on the Permission Groups tab within Settings allow you to add a new permission group, duplicate or delete a group.

Clicking Add permission group, allows you to set a name, and determine the access that group has to your portal.

For the screens, screen groups, media folders, playlists and schedules section, you can set whether a user group has the ability to view, view & modify, or create elements within that section.

Tags for further control

Once you save and continue, you select individual elements to further refine your permissions. In this way you can assign a user group to a specific screen, or media folder, and they will only have access to that.

You can use the tagging system here to filter based on those tags. Tags can be set on Media Library Folders, Playlists, Schedules and Screens. Tags allow you to quickly display these elements within the permissions section.

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