Installing Fusion Signage on Linux

  • We recommend using the latest Ubuntu distribution however any Linux distribution should work.

  • Once you have set up your media player with your preferred Linux distribution, navigate to Terminal

  • You will need to have Curl installed, so run this command:

    sudo apt install curl

  • Fusion Signage will install and run once complete

Setup your device

  • Make sure your device automatically logs in

  • Set the Time & Date correctly for the timezone you will be installing the device in

  • Ensure your device is connected to the internet via ethernet or WiFi

  • Access the Power settings to ensure your device doesn't turn off the display or go to sleep after a set period

  • Turn off automatic updates so you don't have pop ups.

Bios Settings

  • Access your media players BIOS (usually pressing Del button while media player is booting).

  • There are many different bios UI's so it is difficult to assist with each. Use this as a general guide

  • Ensure the clock is set to the correct time and date (taking into account time zone if being shipped nationally/internationally).

Autoboot on Power

  • Find the setting to have the media player autoboot when connected to a power source.

  • This will assist when there are power outages to ensure the media player turns back on.

  • You can confirm if this has been set by unplugging the power supply and reconnecting it to see if it automatically boots.

Alarm Wake

  • Find the setting to turn the media player on at a specific time.

  • This will help if the media player is turned off, and doesn’t have a power outage to activate the autoboot on power

  • Set this to a time before the screens need to be on.

Adding the device to your customers account

  • Once you have the identifier log into your customers account, or provide them with the identifier

  • Add a Screen under Screens section in the top right

  • Select an available licence

  • Give the screen a name

  • Add it to their account

Closing the Fusion Signage application

  • Using your wireless air mouse, press the Enter button and navigate to the Close App button in the top left of hte screen.

  • Alternatively you can hit Alt+F4 on your keyboard to close Fusion Signage

Uninstalling Fusion Signage Application


  • We recommend installing a remote desktop application to remotely support the device if there is an issue.

  • We have used Teamviewer for years, however it requires a paid account.

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