Setting up Fusion Signage on a CHiIQ screen or kiosk


Equipment required:

  • Mouse/Remote Control

  • USB Stick Drive with the latest version of Fusion Signage APK

  • 2 x AAA Batteries (in case they aren’t in the box for the remote)

Connect to the Network

Wired (Ethernet)

  • If using a wired ethernet connection, simply plug the network cable into the back of the device

  • Power the device on

Wireless (WiFi)

  • Connect the device to power and wait for it to boot into the below screen.

  • Using the remote press the Home button (below the down arrow) to arrive at the screen on the right.

  • Navigate to Network Settings

  • Then to the Wireless Network

  • Turn on WLAN and connect the device to the WiFi

Setting the Time & Date

  • You need to ensure the time and date has been correctly set for your device for Fusion Signage to provide you with an identifier and to use the Scheduling functionality.

  • On your Remote, press the Enter button and navigate to System Settings

  • Navigate to General Settings

  • Find Time & Date, and ensure this is set to the correct region

Installing Fusion Signage

  • Ensure you have downloaded the Fusion Signage APK and copied it onto your USB drive

  • Insert your USB Stick Drive into the USB port. If you are installing on a kiosk, you will need to open the back of the cabinet first.

  • On the Remote, press the Home button to ensure you are on the main screen

  • Navigate to File Manager in the top right

  • Navigate to USB-1 on the left-hand side

  • Then select APK on the right screen

  • Install the Fusion Signage APK using the on-screen prompts

  • Once it has finished installing, press Open

  • If the screen has been set up and is connected to the internet you will see Fusion Signage load and display a 6 digit identifier

  • If the device doesn’t have an internet connection it will display Offline and have no identifier. You will need to check that the WiFi network is suitable, or that the time and date has been set

Assign the screen to your account

  • Log into your Fusion Signage account at and navigate to the Screen page.

  • Click on Add Screen, and type in the identifier on your screen.

  • Give the screen a name, and select the available licence to add it to your account.

  • If you don't have any licences, get in touch with your Reseller, Distributor, or with us at to assist.




The screen doesn’t turn on when connected to power

  1. Check the power is live

  2. Check that the switch inside the cabinet has been turned to on at the point where the power cable is connected

Fusion Signage is displaying Offline

  1. Check that the screen has been connected to the WiFi correctly and that it has an IP

  2. Check that it is connected to the internet by opening the web browser within the system

  3. Check that the WiFi connection doesn’t require authentication or a username and password. Android doesn’t support login credentials and the WiFi will need to be open

  4. If an ethernet cable is available, connect this to the unit and see whether Fusion Signage connects

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