Supported Devices

Please note that we only support the latest generation of BrightSign devices. Any of the devices listed as Legacy on this page are not supported by Fusion Signage.

Get the BrightSign unit ready

  • Connect power.

  • Connect to a screen via HDMI (or other display cable).

  • Connect to internet via ethernet port

Download the default Fusion Signage application files for BrightSign

  • Get the latest version here:

  • The default application has the following settings applied:

    • Application auto update is turned on

    • Fusion Signage settings menu appears on single click/touch

    • IP is set via DHCP

    • Orientation is set to Landscape

    • Resolution is set to 1920 x 1080

    • Timezone is not set

  • You can make changes to these settings once the application is installed on the BrightSign, as long as you can connect a mouse to the device, or use a touchscreen to access the Fusion settings.

Note: On the Standard series players there's no USB connection so it's not possible to connect a mouse to access settings. You will need to create a customised configuration file using the step below.

Create customised configuration files for BrightSign

If you are using a Standard series BrightSign player without a USB connection, you will need to set the configuration files within the Fusion Signage portal as you aren't able to connect a mouse to access our application settings.

  • Navigate to the Fusion Signage portal, under Settings -> Player App or click here:

  • Scroll down to the BrightSign section, click on Configuration Settings:

  • Make any changes to the BrightSign configuration files you require including:

Enable Auto Updates

This allows the the automatic updating of our application once a new version has been released. This is on by default, and if turned off, you can still manually update the application using a mouse and the Fusion Signage settings.

Enable Video Sound

Turns on audio for any video files

Enable Menu Secure Access

Used with touch screens, this setting prevents the Fusion Signage menu from appearing when touched. If this is enabled, in order to access the Fusion settings menu on the device, you will need to click/touch 5 times quickly instead of once.

Screen Rotation

Changes the screen rotation degrees (0, 90, 180, 270)


Set the timezone of the device. This is important for passing security checks to receive an identifier from our server, as well as for scheduling content at the correct time.

Enable Custom Screen Size

Used mostly for LED applications, allows you to set a custom screen resolution (in pixels) as well as an offset.

Manual Network Configuration

Allows you to set a static IP instead of using DHCP. Specify your IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Broadcast Address and DNS here.

  • Click Create File, this will generate your customised settings.json file.

  • Copy this file onto your SD Card with the file

  • If you are adding the settings.json file after you have installed the Fusion Signage application, you will need to reboot the player for the settings to apply.

Install the Fusion Signage Application

  • Copy the file downloaded above onto a blank SD card.

  • Insert SD card into the Brightsign player and reboot.

  • You will see the Fusion Signage application launch on the screen with an identity code

Add the device to the Fusion Signage portal

Follow these steps to add the device to your Fusion Signage portal:

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