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Offline Notifications

For Advanced Licence Users

You will need to let the Fusion Signage team know if you would like this feature now.

Advanced licence users can now set up to receive an email when one of your screens goes offline. Let us know if you would like this feature now and we'll enable it in your account, as it's still being fully released.

Then, you set your preferences under the Screens section, by clicking on:

  • The screen name then Offline Notifications,

  • The new “notification” column, or

  • By selecting multiple screens and clicking the Offline Notification button in the top right.

When setting the offline notifications make sure you set the time zone for each of the screens to ensure they report correctly. You can either set to receive notifications at any time, or schedule the time that the screen is meant to be online.

Once you have the settings for one screen, you can copy these settings to another using the dropdown.

All notifications and settings are applied on a user level, so if you have another user that you want to receive the notifications you can set this in Settings -> Users and click Manage on the user, and click Copy Screen Status Notification Settings, and select the user to copy them across.

Updated Playlist Functionality

Show/Hide Content

For Advanced Licence Users

We have added the ability for you to show or hide content directly within a playlist. This means if you want to temporarily stop a piece of content from playing on your screens, you can just hide it within the playlist instead of deleting it.

Content Level Scheduling

For Advanced Licence Users

For Advanced licence users we have added the ability to schedule content at the media level. Previously you would have to create an entire playlist and add it into a Schedule, but this gives you granular control over each piece of content within your Playlist. You have control over days, times as well as dates. You can add multiple schedules to a piece of content to fine tune exactly when you want it to play.

Column Selector

We have added the ability to show and hide columns within Fusion Signage. You can customise the view to your exact needs.

Changes in the Media library

Media Usage Functionality

We have updated the media usage functionality within the Media library to better show where items are being utilised. You can now see each files usage within Playlists, Schedules, Templates and Zones, as well as whether it is assigned to any screens.

Add Content Button

To clean up the interface, we have updated the button placement for Add media in the Media section to the top right.

Drag and Drop Uploads

With the addition of the new add content button, we have implemented the ability to drag files directly into the Media folder to upload. Just make sure you have the correct folder selected!

Nested Sub-Menus

We have moved the options to Delete and Move content into nested sub-menus to clean up the interface.

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