We’re kicking 2021 off with a fresh new look and added functionality.
Get ready for a cleaner, more intuitive interface to make your experience even easier.

user experience updates

User Interface refresh

What you’ll notice when you next log in to your account, is our user interface has been given a refresh. This aims to create a cleaner looking interface, to make your experience even easier. You’ll notice fonts, colours and modal alignments have been updated. Our next release will see more pages within Fusion Signage completely redesigned, all with the aim of making your user experience easier yet again.

Media tab redesign + performance tweak

The Media tab has been redesigned to give it a cleaner look, along with some tweaks to the performance of this tab. We have fixed a performance issue we identified when the media library had a lot of content assigned to playlists and templates, which caused this section to run slowly.

Dashboard redesign

The dashboard has had new modules added to it so you can instantly get a more in-depth overview of your digital signage network. You’ll see your total storage, number of licences and their active status’, your available bandwidth, and your screen’s online/offline status’. Alongside this you’ll also see a shortlist of your latest file uploads, so you can quickly be up to date on the last changes made within your account.

Create trial account flow redesign

The flow to create a new trial account has been redesigned to make it a more seamless experience, and personalised for Resellers vs. Customers.

compatible hardware updates

New builds officially released

We have official releases for WebOS, Tizen and Linux operating systems. You can view the installation instructions below.

support updates

Better support for Fusion Signage Player App

For those wanting to run their Fusion Signage screen deployment behind a firewall, we now have two fully qualified domain names that you can whitelist. These are http://api.fusionsignage.com.au/ and https://assets.fusionsignage.com.au/ – let us know if you have any questions!

brand and marketing updates

Updated instant webpage for partners

If you’re making use of our free partner webpage on your website, this will automatically update to our new branding without you needing to do anything. Haven’t heard of our partner webpage? The partner webpage allows you to quickly and easily showcase Fusion Signage on your website.

Simply copy the custom html code below, paste it onto your website and adjust the height as preferred:

<iframe src=”https://www.fusionsignage.com.au/resources/reseller_website/reseller_website.html%E2%80%9D style=”width:100%;height:1200px;border: 0px;”></iframe>

All new branding including an exciting new website

To coincide with the user interface release, we’ve (soft) launched a new website! If you’re reading this article, you’re sitting on our new website right now – have a click around and let us know what you think!

We will be rolling out all new branded videos, emails, documents over the coming weeks to match our new, refreshed look. We thank you for your patience as we work to ensuring all of our brand assets are coherent. With this, we would like to get in touch with our resellers to ensure you have our latest assets – and to chat about getting you featured on our new website. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, get in touch!

what's in the works

From here our development continues and will look something like this:

– Redesign of entire user interface including all tabs

– Releasing a new Pro tier licence

– Official release of our Template Studio with complete drag and drop customisation functionality

– New tagging system allowing customers to dynamically manage content across large networks (available in the Pro tier licence)

we would love your feedback

As you know, all of our development stems from user feedback – from customers and resellers just like you.

We value your opinion greatly and want to continue to make your digital signage experience as easy as possible with Fusion Signage.

Please let us know any feedback, comments or questions regarding this release.

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