Clicking on Screens from the left side menu, will show you your entire digital signage network.

The Screens tab should be your most used section, if using Fusion Signage most efficiently. Once you’ve uploaded your content, and created playlists and schedules, you can quickly and easily change the content displayed on your screens via the Screens section.

Screens Tutorial Video (3min)


Depending if you have a Basic or Advanced licence, you’ll see either one or two tabs at the top. Basic licence users will see the ‘Individual’ tab, and Advanced licence users will see ‘Grouped’ as well. We’ll get to ‘Grouped’ in a moment.

Individual Tab

The ‘Individual’ tab shows a list of all the screens in your network. From here you can update and schedule your content, check whether a screen is online, check when content was last sent to the screen, and check which application version it’s running.

Search for a Screen

There’s a handy search bar at the top which allows you to quickly find a screen within this list. If you have a lot of screens, you may need to cycle pages at the bottom or alternatively show more rows on this page.

Rename a Screen

Clicking on the name of a screen in this view will show you additional information and allow you to rename the screen.

Adding a Screen

Click the Add Screen button in the top corner if you would like to add another screen to your account. Once you have the Fusion Signage application installed on your device, and it has been connected to the internet, you will receive a 5 digit identifier on the screen. Simply add this identifier in, give your screen a memorable name, select an available licence, and press Add Screens.

Update your Content

The main use of the screens page, is updating the content on your screens and seeing whether your screens are online. If you already have your content uploaded, and playlist set-up, updating the content on your screen is as simple as clicking on the orange box next to your screen name, and selecting the playlist you would like. Once you’re ready, click submit and the content will be sent to the screen. Advanced users will have an additional tab at the top here for Schedules.

Screen Grouping

Advanced licence holders will have access to screen ‘Grouping’, which is the fastest way to update any numbers of screens with the same content, at one time.

If you would like to create a new Group, simply click on the +Add New Folder and give that folder a name, and press enter. Clicking on the three dots next to your folder, will allow you to Rename, Create a Sub Folder, Delete, plus edit Tags and Permissions if you’re an Advanced licence holder.

Be careful when Deleting screens, as they will be removed from your account and you will need to reassign them!

In order to add a screen to your group, simply navigate to the ‘Individual’ tab, hit the check box next to your screen or screens that you would like to move and hit ‘Move to Group’. Find the Group you would like to add the screen to and press submit.

By creating a Sub-Group, you will be able to easily assign the same content to multiple screens. Updating content is as simple as finding the group or subgroup, then clicking on the content allocated to select a playlist or schedule.

Other Options: Move, Add, Delete

If you would like to move a screen; find the screen, select its checkbox and either move the screen to Individual or to a Group. You’re also able to Delete and Add Screens using these buttons.

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