Step 1: Clear the cache

Chrome & Edge Browsers

  • Open your Chrome or Edge browser, and navigate to

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+i

  • Navigate to Application -> Storage on the left, and click Clear site data on the right.


Firefox Browser

Step 2: Refresh the browser

Step 3: Add the screen to your Fusion Signage account

  • Log into your Fusion Signage portal at

  • Navigate to Screens

  • Find the screen you want to replace, click the check box next to it's name (make note of the name), and click Delete in the top right corner

  • Click on Add Screen in the top right corner

  • On your screen you should see a 5-6 digit Identity, type this into the pop up box that appears, give your screen a name (noted from before), select the available licence, and set the timezone.

  • Press Add

  • You can now add content to your screen

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