SAML Authentication for Fusion Signage

With your Fusion Signage Pro Licence you have access to Single Sign On/SAML/Federated User Management to control your users access to the Fusion Signage portal.

The below provides instructions for setting up SAML authentication between Fusion Signage and Azure Active Directory.


  • Only Pro Licences on your account

  • An enterprise app has been created in Active Directory that is setup to use SAML for SSO.

  • Users are present in both systems with the same identifier (email address)

Configure SSO for the Enterprise Application

Here we will need to configure the SSO settings in Active directory using the data from Fusion Signage CMS.

Fusion Signage SP Metadata

  • Here you will find all of the relevant information you will need to connect Fusion Signage to your Azure Active Directory.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click the button labelled Download SP Metadata and save that file to your computer.

Enterprise App

  • Navigate to Single sign-on

  • Click Upload metadata file and upload the file you just downloaded

  • Copy Login URL from Fusion Signage CMS and paste into Sign on URL:

  • Click Save

Fusion Signage CMS

  • Navigate back to your Fusion Signage portal at

  • Copy Login URL from Enterprise App and paste into Login URL within the Fusion Signage portal under Settings -> Security.

  • Copy Azure AD Identifier from Enterprise App and paste into Identifier

  • Copy App Federation Metadata Url from Enterprise App and paste into IdP Manifest URL

  • Click Save SSO Config


  • Enter your federated email address and click Login

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