Supported Panels:

Q Line Displays

D Line Displays

P Line Displays

Multi Touch Displays

Not currently supported

  1. BDL4050D

  2. BDL4150D

  1. BDL5055P

  2. BDL5057P

  1. BDL4151T

  2. BDL4051T (untested)

  3. BDL3052T (untested)

  4. BDL3151T (untested)

  5. BDL4152T (untested)

Ensure the latest firmware has been installed:

Refer to your integrator or distributor to ensure the panel has the latest version of firmware to avoid any issues

Philips Remote

Initial Screen Setup

  • Connect the screen to power

    • Welcome

    • Select language with Up and Down arrows

    • Once selected, Right Arrow, Click Start

  • Network Settings (this can be skipped and completed later)

    • Select either Wifi or Ethernet depending on your requirements

    • Wifi

      • Right Arrow to Next

        • Select WiFi Access Point

      • Type in Password (press Return button to remove keyboard)

      • Select Next

  • Signage Display Settings

    • Navigate to Skip

  • Setup Complete

    • Click Finish

Prepare USB with latest Fusion Signage APK

Download app from

Do not extract the APK file, but ensure you copy the single file to your USB drive.

  • Copy the APK to the root directory of the USB Drive

  • Insert USB drive into the Philips screen

Android Admin Settings

Installing the Fusion Signage application

  • Press Home, 1888, Return (within 2 seconds)

  • Select Apps

  • Select File Manager

  • Select MNT

    • Select Open

  • Select USB Storage

    • Select Open

  • Browse to the APK and select fusion-signage.apk and follow the wizard

    • Select Done to close the installer

  • Press Return to get back to the main menu

Assign Fusion Signage App to the “Custom” Input Source

  • Press Home, 1888, Return (if not already in the Android settings)

  • Select Settings

    • Under the header Device, select Signage Display

    • Under the header Source Settings, select Custom App

  • Click Select App

  • Select your installed app “Fusion Signage”

  • Click Save

  • Exit

Set Date & Time (Required if Using Scheduling Feature in Advanced/Pro Licences)

  • Press Home, 1888, Return

  • Select Settings

  • Under System header, select Date & Time

  • Select Time zone and update

If you are using a BDL4150D there is an additional time & date setting on the panel configuration that needs to be enabled. See the settings below:

Using your remote press Home -> Advanced Option -> Date & Time -> Set Auto Sync = Yes

Set Font Size

  • Press Home, 1888, Return

  • Select Settings

  • Under Display

  • Set the font size to Normal

Confirm Setup

  • On your remote, select Source Selection, and select "Custom"

  • Fusion Signage will run

  • If this is the first time you’re installing this screen, you’ll see the identifier required when adding a screen in the web GUI

  • If there is no identifier or it says Null, check your internet settings and try again.

Confirm Aspect Ratio

  • Ensure Format setting is set to “Full” on your remote

Add the Screen to the Fusion Signage portal

  • Log into your customers Fusion Signage portal and navigate to the Screens -> Add Screen button

  • With Fusion Signage running on the screen, and while it is connected to the internet, enter the 6 digit identifier into the Add Screen section, give it a name, and select the licence to assign it to the account.

Philips Panel Configuration

Set Screen to Automatically Run Fusion Signage When Turned On

  • Home -> Configuration1 -> Boot on source -> Action

  • Set Input = Custom

Set Screen to Automatically Turn on After an Unplanned Power Outage.

  • Home -> Configuration1 -> Switch on state = Force On

Set Screen to correct orientation

  • Home -> Configuration2 -> Rotate (may be on second page) -> set to Auto Rotate “On”

Set Schedule on Screen to Turn On And Off Automatically

  • Home -> Advanced Option -> Schedule -> Action

Tiling Multiple Screens in a Video Wall Configuration

  • Connect other screens using DVI-D daisy chain as per user manual

  • Home-> Advanced Option -> Tiling -> Action

  • Configure all screens accordingly as per user manual.

Set power mode on screen

  • Home -> Advanced option -> Power Save = Mode 3 or Mode 4

BDL4150D Time & Date Sync Setting

  • Home -> Advanced option -> Date and time

  • Set Auto Sync = YES

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