1. Install the Fusion Signage Application

  • You will firstly need to install our Fusion Signage application on your device. Each Screen/Media Player will require it's own application installation, and each is treated separately within the Fusion Signage portal.

2. Find the Identity code

3. Purchase Licences

  • If you are currently on a free trial, you will have one Trial licence available for 21 days. At the end of this period, you will need to purchase a licence through one of our Resellers (if you have an existing relationship, or require hardware/installation services) or directly through Fusion Signage (if you have your own hardware and don't require installation and hardware support).

  • You can use the Purchase Licence button within your portal at https://app.fusionsignage.com.au/screens/single to get in touch and request licences, or get in touch with your Reseller directly.

4. Add the Screen to your account

  • Navigate to your Fusion Signage portal at https://app.fusionsignage.com.au/screens/single, and click on Add Screen in the top right hand corner. Enter the Identity code from your screen, give your device a name, and select the available licence to associate with that screen.

You can now assign your content to your screen.

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