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Upgrading V1 Applications


From application version 1.0.21 we added auto update functionality directly into the Android application. If you are running an application version below this and are experiencing any issues with playback, we recommend manually upgrading to the latest version. Once this has been done the application will be kept up to date automatically, as long as your device has root access.


If you receive a prompt on the screen when the application auto updates in the future, your device may not have root access. You will need to manually press the update/ok button, and consider turning off auto updates within the Fusion Signage Android Settings on your device.

Philips Remote

Updating the Application


Ensure your device is connected to the internet and is currently online in your Fusion portal.

  • Locate your Philips remote
  • Pointing the remote at your screen, press the OK button (7)
  • You will see the Fusion menu appear, pressing the Down arrow select the Update App button
  • Follow the prompts on the screen and confirm that the application version has updated.

Video Example