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Pre-Staging Fusion Signage for Bulk Android

If you are ordering a bunch of Android media players and your manufacturer is able to pre-stage them at the factory level, follow these steps to ensure you achieve the best results:

  • Ensure the device is runinng Android 4.4 or higher.
  • Ensure the device has root access to enable all functionality within Fusion Signage
    • If using software for Root access (such as SuperSU), ensure the settings are set to Grant permissions (as opposed to Prompt or equivalent) to applications requesting access.

If this step isn't done any automatic updates will appear as a prompt on the screen requesting permission and the user will have to press OK and change the setting.

  • Download the latest version of our Android APK for installation from
  • Disconnect the media player from the internet and run the Fusion Signage application
    • If your device is connected to the internet at this point, it will receive an identifier code from our servers which will be cloned to each device, if this happens you will need to ensure you clear the storage from the application prior to cloning.
  • Optional: If your customers require it, pre-install Teamviewer Host to allow for remote management/access to the device (not an additional licence from Teamviewer is required to pair the device to your account).
  • Reboot the device and confirm that the Fusion Signage application automatically loads when it starts.
  • You can now clone the device, once the cloned device is connected to the internet it will automatically receive its unique identity code.