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What is a Reseller?

A Fusion Signage reseller is a company that specialises in providing digital signage solutions to their customers. Think of a Reseller more like a home builder, they are specialists in sourcing components, installing and supporting the entire process from start to finish.

Digital signage requires technical expertise in order to choose the right components, for example:

  • If your screen faces outside of your business you need to take into consideration how much ambient light there is otherwise your screen won’t be visible to your customers
  • The size of your screen will need to be chosen to suit your available space, which includes proper mounting, cabling, and installation.
  • Choosing the correct commercial grade screen with the features you require to suit your budget (such as System on Chip media player, networking options, orientation support and more)
  • Video wall and LED solutions require understanding of daisy chaining, mounting and installation, as well as utilising the correct external media player.

A Fusion Signage reseller will assist with the entire process taking the stress away from you and your team. They will provide your hardware as well as a Fusion Signage licence and help support you after the installation.

Lastly, most commercial grade screen manufacturers will not supply direct to the public, and will work through a Distributor who will only sell to a Reseller.

Fusion Signage and Resellers

Fusion Signage works through a Reseller/Integrator network in order to provide a full solution to you, the End User. Fusion Signage doesn't supply hardware or installation services, so if you are having an issue with your hardware, screen, network, or internet connection on site, the best people to call are the ones that supplied the hardware to you.

To find your Reseller details follow the steps found here.

If you are new to Digital Signage and don’t yet have the required hardware we recommend contacting a reseller who will guide you in choosing the products best tailored to you and your company. If you don’t know any AV resellers, contact our team at who will help you to find a reseller local to you.