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What is Fusion Signage?

Digital signage deployments require a CMS (Content Management System) to manage the content sent to the screen.

Fusion Signage allows you to take your content (such as images & videos of your promotions or messages), upload it into our portal, and send it to your screen anywhere in the world. You can use Playlists and Schedules to choose the content you want to display as well as when to display it. Each screen is licenced individually which allows you to change the content being displayed on any or all of them whenever you need.

There are two parts to Fusion Signage, the Portal and our Application:

  • The Portal is accessible at and is where you will log in, upload and manage your content and screens. Feel free to sign up to a Free Trial to test it out, or get it touch with a Reseller to assist with your digital signage solution.
  • Our Application is installed on your Screen or Media Player. Once installed and connected to the internet it will display an identity code which you can pair with a Licence on your Portal. That application is now associated with your account and you can start sending content to the screen.

Think about Fusion Signage as an application that is running on your computer. The physical computer itself is part of the solution, but not supplied or managed by us. You can read more about the components of a digital signage solution here.

We strive to be the number one digital signage software in Australia and New Zealand. Known for being the simplest, easiest and most affordable platform, built by a genuine, transparent, honest and reputable team who are innovating the industry.