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This is an Advanced Licence feature. At this stage it is a feature that isn't on by default and needs to be enabled by the team here at Fusion Signage, so if it sounds like something your company would love to utilise, contact us at

What is a Permission Group?

Permission Groups have two levels, Global and Granular.

  • Global Permissions control the level of access over the entire account, allowing you to turn on/off access to Screens, Media, Playlists and Schedules for a group of users
  • Granular Permissions allow you to control down to the individual Screen, Screen Group, Media Folder, Playlist or Schedule, giving access to one or more items within each.

Granular Permissions is only available to advanced licence users or higher and can be replaced with the Locations system for users with pro licence.

Global Permissions:

Under Global permissions you can choose the following:

  • View: The user can view the items within this section but are unable to modify them
  • View & Modify: The user can view and make changes to items within this section
  • Create: The user can add new items within this section

Available sections for use in the Global Permissions:

  • Screens
    • Screen View Access
    • Screen View & Modify Access
    • Screen Create Access
  • Screen Groups
    • Screen Group View Access
    • Screen Group View & Modify Access
    • Screen Group Create Access
  • Media Folders
    • Media Folder View Access
    • Media Folder View & Modify Access
    • Media Folder Create Access
    • Media Folder Approval Access (pro licence)
  • Playlist
    • Playlist View Access
    • Playlist View & Modify Access
    • Playlist Create Access
  • Schedules
    • Schedule View Access
    • Schedule View & Modify Access
    • Schedule Create Access

Media Folder Approval Access is only available under a pro licence as it is part of the Approval system.

Granular Permissions:

Under Granular Permissions you can choose an individual item under each of the sections to give this Permission Group access to. You are limited to View and View & Modify for each of these items.


If you would like this Permission Group to be able to create new items (i.e. Create new Playlists/Schedules/Upload Content) you will need to provide them with Create Access under Global Permissions for the relevant sections.