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Users & Roles

Within Fusion Signage, a user refers to any person who interacts with the system to create, manage and display the content on your screens. You can have as many different users as you would like, so it can best suit you and your team.

Each user can be set as either management or standard and this should be set based on the permissions you want each specific user to have access to.

  • Standard only allows the user to make changes to content.
  • Management also allows the user to make changes to account details and add new users.

How to add a user

Any management user can add a new user. To add a new user go to Settings -> Users -> Add, then fill in the information in the pop-up. The new user will receive a welcome email to the email address supplied with instructions on setting up their password. The email is sent out automatically as soon as the new user information is submitted so if you can't see it in your inbox, check your spam/ junk folder.