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How Licences Work

A Fusion Signage licence is required for each device you want to control within the portal to send unique content to.

For example:

  • If you have 3 screens you want to display different content on, you will need 3 licences (one for each).
  • If you have a video wall consisting of 4 screens in 2x2 using a single media player you would only need 1 licence.
  • If you have an LED that is 2m wide and 0.5m high using a single media player you would only need 1 licence
  • If you have 50 screens running through a HDMI splitter or IPTV system using a single media player you would only need 1 licence. All screens would display the exact same content.

Licence Types

There are 3 different licence types depending on the functionality you require:

  • Basic is our entry level licence that allows you to send content to your screen but doesn’t have features like Scheduling, Grouping, or access to our Designer to create content in the platform
  • Advanced is our most popular licence type and gives all features included in Basic, but the ability to Schedule content based on time of day, or day of the week, as well as access to our Designer to create content in the portal, and our Permissions and Grouping system.
  • Pro is aimed at companies looking to manage more than 20 screens or needing enterprise functionality. This licence type gives access to SSO/SAML integration, our Locations and Approval system, as well as Tagging and Data Sources.

You can see all of the differences here Pricing

Buying a licence

As Fusion Signage only provides the content management system, we sell our licences through a Reseller network in order to deliver a full Digital Signage Solution. We only sell licences direct to End Users in situations where they can supply and fully support their own hardware and don’t require the services of a Reseller for both initial and ongoing support of their solution.

If you are looking to purchase your first licence and don’t have a Reseller, get in touch with us at and we can help you find one.

If you already have an account, you can find your Reseller information here.

Using your Licence

Once you have a licence on your account you will need to have our application installed on your device. Your Reseller would have completed this for you as part of the installation process, but if not you can find our installation documentation on our support page. We always recommend engaging the services of a qualified Reseller to assist with this process.

Once the application is installed, connected to the internet, and the time & date has been set correctly, you will see the unique identity code associated with that screen. Each device has its own code and this is how you can send unique content to each screen.

Your screen should already be added by your Reseller, but if not you can see how to add it here.