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Fusion Signage Licence Inclusions

Fusion Signage offers three different licence options: Basic, Advanced, and Pro. Each licence provides a different set of features and pricing options to suit the needs of various customers. Below is a breakdown of what each licence includes:

Basic Licence

The Basic licence is the most affordable option on offer. It is designed for customers who have simple digital signage needs. The Basic licence provides the following features:

  • 1GB of Monthly Bandwidth per licence
  • 1GB of Account Storage per licence
  • Cloud-based access to manage your digital signs
  • Media library
  • Playlist management
  • Screen management
  • Screen status tracking
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • User management
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Auto application updates
  • Easy adding to portal
  • Support for a range of devices
  • Landscape & portrait orientation
  • Offline caching of content

Advanced Licence

The Advanced licence is suitable for businesses that require additional features and customisation options. The Advanced licence includes all the features of the Basic licence, plus the following:

  • 2GB of account storage per licence
  • Zone editor
  • Support for Streaming Services (Facebook live and Youtube)
  • Sub-Playlists
  • Media item visibility toggle
  • Media item scheduling
  • Schedules and dayparting
  • Default playlist functionality
  • Offline notifications (via email)
  • Screen grouping
  • Access to the Designer and Marketplace
  • Global permission groups

Pro Licence

The Pro licence is the most comprehensive licence. It is designed for large businesses that require advanced features and customisation options. The Pro licence includes all the features of the Basic and Advanced licences, plus the following:

  • 2GB Monthly Bandwidth per licence
  • 5GB account storage per licence
  • Replace media items
  • Approval system
  • Proof of Play reports
  • Advanced integrations for the Designer
  • Global and Granular permission groups
  • Single Sign on (SAML)
  • Interactive touchscreen support
  • Interactive design services (added cost)
  • Location Management
  • User permissions per location
  • SSO/ SCIM Integration
  • Tagging system for advanced management

For more information on pricing and to compare the different licence options, please visit the Fusion Signage pricing page.