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Hosting & Security

Servers and Hosting Location​

  • All data, databases, information and passwords are stored on our secure Sydney based Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) servers.
  • More information is available here:

User passwords and login details​

  • User passwords and contact details are stored within AWS RDS.
  • All user passwords are one-way hashed.

User Permissions​

  • Permissions can be assigned to non-admin users to prevent access to certain functionality/resources.

Data transfer between players and our cloud servers​

  • The Fusion Signage player application ensures all data transfers between players and cloud servers are encrypted using SSL (HTTPS)

Data stored AWS S3​

  • All user uploaded media assets are stored in AWS S3

Data transfer to and from AWS S3 storage​

  • All transfers to and from S3 storage is via SSL encrypted links. We also support TLS 1.2

Data stored on Media players​

  • Media players only store/cache current or previously played media assets.
  • File permissions on cached assets only allow the Fusion Signage android application access to these assets.
  • Media players do not store user passwords or account details. They only store a unique player ID which must be authorised by the client in their web portal before any playlists, scheduling or media assets can be downloaded.

Encrypting Data at rest

Our databases and backend services use AWS KMS to enable encryption at rest (AES-256).