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Ports & Firewalls

Ports Required​

  • Fusion Signage requires access to Port 443 (HTTPs) in order to reach our servers. Port 8010 is also required for any websocket use.
  • An extra port is also required when using the Realtime functionality. This port is 8686. Depending on the panel, there may be initial socket TLS upgrade handshake from Port 80 -> Port 443 -> Port 8010/8686, but this is not common.

Setting up Fusion Signage behind a firewall​

If you are wanting to deploy Fusion Signage behind a firewall, we recommended whitelisting the top level domain * in your firewall settings to account for any future sub-domains we add.

If that is not possible you must ensure that these two fully qualified domain names are whitelisted:

Please note that Fusion Signage may require additional subdomains to be whitelisted in the future.