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Smart TV's vs Commercial


You are welcome to try and install our application on a Smart TV however we generally do not support them as they are not designed for commercial use and there are too many versions on the market.

What is a Smart TV (or Residential TV)

A Smart TV is a screen you would purchase from a retailer for use in your home. They are designed to play TV, and can have applications installed for popular streaming services.

What is a Commercial Grade Screens (or Digital Signage Screens)

A Commercial Grade Screen is a screen built and designed specifically for digital signage and commercial grade applications. They are rugged, and have features that allow you to lock the panel down, turn it on and off automatically, install digital signage applications, and more.


Commercial panels come with a warranty that supports their use in your business, which Smart TV's don't.

How Smart TV's are different

  • Smart TV's are designed for residential use, and as soon as they are installed in a commercial environment any warranty is immediately void.
  • They need to be manually turned on each day using the remote, and our application selected from the list of installed applications.
  • They aren't designed to run more than 6-8 hours a day
  • They can't be installed in portrait orientation
  • Don't have the ability to install any application (often limited to their App Stores), and you can't usually autoboot digital signage applications. This means you have to manually start the application each day
  • Can't be scheduled to turn on and off automatically each day
  • Often lower brightness
  • Not very rugged and designed to be sleek
  • Not designed to last under commercial environments

Red flags to look for when purchasing a screen

There are a few red flags to watch out for when purchasing a screen with the intention of using it for digital signage.

  • Generally if it mentions the word TV or smart TV it is unlikely to be compatible with installing a third party digital signage app like Fusion Signage, and you will need to use an external media player to get a screen like that to work.
  • If the screen comes with legs, it is likely intended for use as a TV more than a digital signage screen as they are generally always hung/ wall mounted.
  • If the screen mentions it is a digital signage screen, however it is promoting the brands own digital signage software such as MagicInfo or SuperSign etc. it is unlikely to support the installation of a 3rd party app such as Fusion Signage as they would prefer you to use their software. Some screens do allow both though so this is more of a yellow flag than a red flag, something to be cautious of.
  • Some screens will have explicitly mentioned that they do not support 3rd party app installations. If this is the case Fusion Signage will not work on that screen.

Installing Fusion Signage

If your Smart TV does allow the installation of our application (either by APK or Google Play), you can use the screen for digital signage.


See our installation section here

Fusion Signage Reseller Network

Please note that Fusion Signage does not provide direct support for any hardware and has a network of premium resellers and integrators who can supply suitable commercial grade hardware, installation, and ongoing support for your solution.

If you would like us to provide you with a local business that can help with your entire solution please reach out to us at