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Application Not Running

The best way to check whether the Fusion Signage application is running is by pressing the centre button on your remote and seeing if anything fusion related appears on the screen. If you can see fusion related content then the application is running, but you may need to check your internet connection if your updated content isn’t displaying.

If nothing is appearing at all, check that your screen is connected to mains power, and switched on using the remote or the power button on the screen itself.

If the screen is on but no Fusion Signage content is showing the first step will be to reboot the screen. Rebooting the screen should bring the Fusion Signage application back up and running. If this doesn’t occur, go into your screens settings and check that the Fusion Signage application is installed on the screen. If it isn’t you will have to reinstall the application. See our installation guides here. If you are running into any issues through any of these steps, get in contact with your reseller as they know your specific screen best.