Fusion Signage will attempt to play your content in full screen. This means if you upload an media file with the incorrect resolution you may experience black bands top and bottom. It is recommended that you always use content that is tailored to the exact resolution and aspect ratio of your screen. Follow the steps below to ensure your content is created correctly:

Images & Photos






File Size

There is a maximum limit on uploads of 1GB for an individual file

File Resolution & Aspect Ratio

  • It is recommended that your content be the same aspect ratio or resolution to the screen that you will be displaying it on.

  • A typical landscape aspect ratio is 16:9 and content should be exported at a recommended resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. If you screen is a 4K screen it can support resolutions up to 3840 x 2160.

  • Typically images can be a higher resolution and the screens/devices can downscale as appropriate. Videos must be the same, or lower, resolution than your screen.

  • Content should be suited to the orientation of the screen (e.g. landscape vs portrait).

If you are running into performance issues or getting a "slide failed to play" error, check the resolution of your content within the Media library is less than or equal to the resolution of your screen.

Finding the resolution of your content:

If you look in your Media library, search for the content you want to check, and to the right of the file name it will show you the resolution. Confirm that this is suitable for your screen

Video Codec and Export




h.264, or h.265 for 4K content

Bit rate


File Type



Square (1:1)

Online Video Conversion

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