Servers and Hosting Location

  • All data, databases, information and passwords are stored on our secure Sydney based Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) servers.

  • More information is available here:

User passwords and login details

  • User passwords and contact details are stored within AWS RDS.

  • All user passwords are one-way hashed.

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • For additional security you can enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) within the portal


  • Our Pro licence comes with SAML and SSO capability for you to manage your user accounts via Azure Active Directory

User Permissions

  • Permissions can be assigned to non-admin users to prevent access to certain functionality/resources.

Data transfer between players and our cloud servers

  • The Fusion Signage player application ensures all data transfers between players and cloud servers are encrypted using SSL (HTTPS)

Data stored AWS S3

  • All user uploaded media assets are stored in AWS S3

Data transfer to and from AWS S3 storage

  • All transfers to and from S3 storage is via SSL encrypted links

Data stored on Media players

  • Media players only store/cache current or previously played media assets.

  • File permissions on cached assets only allow the Fusion Signage android application access to these assets.

  • Media players do not store user passwords or account details. They only store a unique player ID which must be authorised by the client in their web portal before any playlists, scheduling or media assets can be downloaded.

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