If your screen is showing as offline within the Fusion Signage portal or content isn't playing on your screen, there are a number of steps you can take to determine the issue.

Note: Usually the issue is hardware or network related. Fusion Signage will show the screen/device as being online once it is turned on and internet is active. Check with your Reseller/Integrator or IT department regarding hardware/network issues before contacting Fusion Signage.

Check Internet Connection

Fusion Signage requires an active internet connection on each of your screens. The first thing to check is that your screen/device is online:

  • Try and isolate the issue by determining whether any other devices are offline as well. This may mean there is an issue with your internet connection.

  • Check a different computer or other device on-site to make sure the internet connection is active

  • If your device is using WiFi, make sure that your settings haven't changed

  • Check the network cable at the back of your router

  • Check the network cable plugged into the back of your screen/device

If there is an issue with your internet connection, get in touch with your IT department or the company who installed your router for assistance.

Test the device on your mobile hotspot

  • Sometimes the internet connection may not be working despite everything appearing as if it is. This could be due to firewall restrictions, proxies, or other network administration settings.

  • An easy way to test whether the device is capable of connecting to the internet, is to hotspot it off of your mobile device (if your device has WiFi capabilities).

  • This will ensure a completely unrestricted internet connection is being used.

  • If your device connects to the internet and is showing as online in the Fusion Signage portal after using your mobile hotspot, this means there may be an issue with your other internet connection.

Make sure the screen/device is turned on

  • The screen/device may be scheduled to turn on and off at certain times of the day, make sure the screen is physically turned on

  • If your screen is turned off, locate the remote and press the power button. Depending on your screen orientation and installation, the sensor may be in one of the other corners or not visible.

Note: If your screen is behind glass, the reflection may cause issues when powering on.

  • If you are using an external media player/device, check to see that the device is powered on, and that the cables are correctly attached

  • Make sure the correct source is selected on your screen.

    • If you are using a commercial grade screen, this may be "Custom", but check with your reseller/integrator

    • If using an external media player/device this is usually HDMI or HDMI1, but check with your reseller/integrator

Make sure the time & date is correct

Fusion Signage requires the time and date to be correct in order to pass our security certificates.

  • Ensure your screen/device has the correct time zone, and time and date set.

  • If you are running the Fusion Signage Android application v1.0.22 or later, the time and date will be displayed on the Fusion menu which can be accessed by (device dependent):

    • Clicking on the screen with a mouse, or

    • Pressing the Enter button on your remote, or

    • Pressing the Back button on your remote

Make sure the Fusion Signage application is running on your screen/device

  • Your screen/device may be powered on and connected to the internet, but the Fusion Signage application may not be running.

  • Try rebooting the screen/device to see whether Fusion auto starts

  • Try running the application again. Depending on your device, check the following:

  • Android Media Players:

    • Fusion Signage application will be located within your application list.

    • If this doesn't happen, or Fusion Signage isn't in your application list, you may need to reinstall the application. You can find instructions here

  • Windows Players:

    • The Fusion Player application will run automatically when the device starts. You can also search for Fusion Signage and run it manually.

  • Commercial Screens:

    • Check with your hardware Integrator / Reseller

Are you running a Legacy version of the Fusion Signage application?

  • Go to Screens and check what App Version your screen is running. If it has "Legacy" in the name, you will need to follow these instructions to update the application. Unfortunately this will need to be done manually, however, once updated, the application will automatically update in future.

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