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Samsung (Quick Setup)

Samsung Tizen Installation

Supported Devices:

Any device with Tizen 4.0 and higher


Setting up the Screen and installing Fusion Signage

There are a lot of different interfaces for the different Samsung models, use the below as a rough guide.

Quick Setup

Navigate to:

  • Menu Button -> System -> Start Setup -> Enter
  • The setup will take you through setting
    • Device orientation,
    • Wi-Fi,
    • Screen Timeout,
    • Time & Date,
    • Choosing whether to use magic info or install via URL

Installing Fusion Signage

Choose Install via URL and use 

This URL will handle future updates, so it's important that you use this URL rather than attempting a USB install.

Running Fusion Signage

Once you have set the URL above and the application installed, rebooting the screen should automatically start Fusion Signage.

You can also run Fusion Signage by clicking on:

Home button -> URL Launcher -> Enter

Setting the Time & Date (can be done during initial setup)


Fusion Signage relies on the local device time & date to pass security checks and for Scheduling functionality. Make sure your devices time zone is set correctly.

Navigate to:

Menu -> System -> Time -> Enter

To return to Fusion Signage Settings

If you need to return to the screen where you see 'Get Playlist' and 'Settings':

Make sure Fusion Signage is running and then press the Enter button on your remote.

Resetting Fusion Signage

If you are experiencing issues with Fusion Signage and would like to try resetting the application, you can navigate to

Menu -> System -> General -> Empty Storage

This will clear all content and your identity from the screen. You will need to delete the screen from your Fusion Signage portal to free up the licence, and readd the new identity.

Uninstalling Fusion Signage

If you need to completely remove Fusion Signage from the screen follow these steps:

Menu -> URL Launcher Settings -> Uninstall